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This Device Opens Up the Airways and Helps Stops Snoring
May 20, 2019 by Max Granger
Every night, millions of people suffer from chronic snoring.  One of the main causes of restlessness, it can also cause sleepless nights for the snorer's partner. 

Nearly 50% of middle aged or older men and 25% of women snore while sleeping. 

Now health professionals have started recognizing it as a serious sleep and health disorder.  Some complications related to snoring can even be life threatening!
So What's The Deal With Snoring?
Snoring is annoying.  It happens when you can't move air freely through your nose and throat during sleep. The violent wheezing and growling sounds can reach up to 70 decibels. That's as loud as a passing truck!

Not only is it difficult for the snorer to get a good night's sleep, more often than not they're also making their partner miserable too.

Now there's an amazing little device that significantly opens up the airways... Immediately improving nasal breathing, and helps stop snoring in its tracks!
And What Is This Magic Device?
It's called PerformAIR, and it's the best product for combating bothersome snoring symptoms that we've ever tested. It's made from a malleable and durable medical-grade hygienic polymer material with memory, and easily adjusts to fit almost any nose. 
How Does It Work?
PerformAIR works by applying outward pressure to the outer walls of the nose, with large, adjustable, rounded pads extending and widening the volume of the nasal airways. 
This outwards pressure opens the nasal airways up to 45% more - Substantially improving airflow, and allows for a much calmer, quieter night's sleep.
How Is PerformAIR Better Than Nasal Strips and Sprays?
Nasal Strips can come off at night and end up in your sheets or hair. The adhesive often fails to stick to oily skin, sweat, or make-up. If one side of the adhesive fails, there's no tension to keep the airways open. On top of that, they generate a ton of waste and can hurt when you inevitably have to rip them off!

Sprays leave a bad taste in your mouth, and can cause nosebleeds and headaches. On top of that, it seems like you have to constantly huff the stuff to get some semblance of relief. Some sprays even have "trouble breathing" listed as a side effect. Isn't that the issue they're supposed to be fixing?

PerformAIR is flexible and springy, while being highly adjustable. It does a great job of retaining its outwards tension, no matter how many times it's adjusted. This means you can fine-tune the position and angles of the arms, legs, pads, and bridge in order to best open up your own unique nasal structure.
    What's Science Have To Say?
    When using a nasal dilator:
    •  Nasal airflow, as assessed by rhinomanometry when awake in the sitting position, increased up to 45%
    •  Frequency and severity of obstructed breathing decreased significantly with the nasal dilator.
    •  Mean decrease of the apnea* index was 47%.
    •  Overnight minimum arterial oxygen saturation improved up to 8%.
    •  There was a substantial decrease in snoring noise in all patients who presented with snoring noise.
    •  Studies show that people can experience a clinically significant reduction in snoring. In addition, studies show, nearly 90% of bed partners report improved sleep.
    US National Library of Medicine, MedPub
    Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Sahlgrenska Hospital, University of Göteborg, Sweden
    What Exactly Do You Get?
    We recommend starting with the "Starter Pack", which gives you one of each size - Large, Medium & Small.  Use the PerformAIR Starter Pack with all three sizes included to determine the best fit for your nose.  PerformAIR is highly adjustable and you can custom configure it to fit your nose. 

    Once you've found your most comfortable size and your breathing is greatly improved, you should consider picking up a "Refill Pack" in your size, which also comes with three re-usable PerformAIR devices.  

    Both Packs also come with a handy little storage / travel case.
    So What's The Verdict?
    The inventor designed PerformAIR to solve his own breathing performance issues and his friends and family all asked for PerformAIR as well, because it works.

    Dr. Hsieh, MD - ENT Specialist also states that ALL his patients that tried PerformAIR noted an "immediate improvement in their nasal air flow".

    Imagine you and your partner sleeping peacefully through every night... What is that worth? 

     PerformAIR is worth a try.
     Update: Since publication of this page, PerformAIR is offering our readers a massive introductory discount on the PerformAIR Starterpack. Offer is valid this week only!
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